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Satisfied with my knee inferno. Works as advertised.

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S M Blinder


Tumor Headache

Some Symptoms of a Brain Tumor Headache

If for any reason you suspect you may have a tumor, please seek immediate medical attention. Symptoms of a brain tumor may include headache, but this is not always the case. Other symptoms of a brain tumor MAY include, but are not limited to: progressively worsening head pain, projectile vomiting, visual disturbances, speech or personality changes, odd social behaviour, problems with balance, gait or coordination and seizures. This condition is rare, and the cause of brain tumors are mostly unknown.

Treatment of a Brain Tumor

Diagnosis and treatment of a brain tumor should determined by a specialist and/or a medical team. Location, age and growth rate of the tumor may have bearing on the treatment method, as some of these can be life threatening, yet certain treatment options may also come with a substantial risk as well. Under no circumstances, should someone suffering from a brain tumor or suspected brain tumor seek treatment from anyone other than a certified medical professional.

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Dear MendMeShop,

I ordered this wrap after finding out I have a Calcium deposit in my shoulder which has turned to Tendinitis. The Freezie wrap is awesome and instantly takes the pain away. The only thing negative I can say is if you are right at a 40 size chest order the SM/LG (under 40'). I am in the process of exchanging sizes because I ordered the LG/XL (40'-48') and the wrap is bulky and very big. I am right on the cute off for 40' and went bigger when I first ordered and should have ordered the small.

Rating: Five Star Rating

Melissa Rich


pain relief and injury treatment with ultrasound therapy

Inferno Wrap Shoulder - an advanced treatment for shoulder injury and rotator cuff injury

Freezie Wrap Shoulder - efficient relief of swelling and pain from an active sprain, shoulder strain, whiplash, or tight upper back muscles

Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy with an Inferno Back wrap for the ultimate in sore back healing

Freeze Wrap Back - reduce back pain and swelling in sore, strained or overused muscles, especially in the lower back and trapezius muscles

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