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I’ve been recommending your Knee Inferno Wrap! I’m getting better! I really didn’t notice much difference until about a month of using this twice a day. But now I’m really feeling so much better. Last weekend I walked 3 miles. I couldn’t walk 3 blocks a few months ago without pain and swelling of my knee. I’m happy to say I won’t be needing surgery. Thank you.

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Jo Souza


Headache Attributed To Substance Use

Substance use can lead to headaches.

A headache attributed to a substance use / overuse is usually diagnosed only when the headache resolves or dramatically reduces in pain after the user no longer exposes themselves to the substance. Migraine sufferers (migraineurs) are known to be extra sensitive to ingested substances such as alcohol, chemicals medication and foods; adverse drug reactions are not uncommon and this is fairly well documented. It should be noted however, that the exposure to a substance and an ensuing headache are often merely coincidental. Also, some disorders may be predisposed to a headache from specific substance ingestion, wherein neither the disorder nor the substance would alone produce a headache.

Carbon Monoxide Induced Headache

This headache has also been known as the "workers warehouse headache". Exposure to carbon monoxide is extremely dangerous and life threating; severity of headaches from carbon monoxide typically increase with the amount of exposure to this dangerous gas. Headache usually develops within 12 hours of exposure, and will resolve itself within 3 days after the sufferer is no longer exposed. At its most severe, nausea and blurred vision will be apparent alongside the extremely painful headache. Beyond this degree of severity, lack of coherency and perhaps sleepiness will signal failing consciousness.

Delayed Alcohol-induced Headache

This headache has also been known as the "hangover headache" and is probably the most common headache known today. This headache is typically bilateral (both sides of head), pulsating and is aggravated by physical exercise. The headache will develop when blood alcohol level declines or is reduced to zero, and is gone within 3 days. For migraine sufferers, it is common for a delayed alcohol-induced headache to be triggered by a very modest amount of alcohol, compared with a non-migraineur who will get the headache only after an intoxicating amount of alcohol.

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Headache induced by Food Components and Additives

Some food ingrediets such as aspartame have been claimed to induce headaches, but nothing has been proven or sufficiently validate to show as much. The commonest food induced headache is from monosodium glutamate (MSG), and typically develops within 1 hours of MSG ingestion. The MSG induced headache is usually dull or burning but may be pulsating in migraine sufferers. It is also linked with pressure in the chest and or face, burning sensations in the chest, neck and/or shoulders, flushing redness in the face and stomach ache.

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Dear MendMeShop,

Your Knee Inferno Wrap arrived in the UK last Monday and my son has been using it for the past week. He has just emailed to say it is making a great difference already and he is able to bend his knee much further than before. He is delighted as the leg feels stronger too and he will continue to use it while he under goes physio which starts tomorrow. Fingers crossed his recovery will be quicker than expected because he has been able to use your product. We thank you for your excellent product and will keep you updated over the following weeks. Regards Kim Frame P.S. A follow up received from Kim a few months later: The wrap continued to do its good work and my son made a really quick recovery much to the surprise of the medical professional. He has now returned to work with full mobility although he continues to use the wrap prior to excercise as it warms the muscles thoroughly. Many thanks for an excellent product.

Rating: Five Star Rating

Kim Frame


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