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I fell down on ice last March, hit my left shoulder on the ground pretty hard and stirred up an old injury that hadn't bothered me for twenty years. I was in a great deal of pain and tried everything I could think of that might help. I only found temporary relief from the pain. It wasn't until I began using your Shoulder Inferno Wrap that I truly began to heal and the pain slowly began to subside. After several months, I still use the Wrap daily to maintain the healing and progress I've made. I then also sought the advice of a physical therapist because in addition to the pain I used to have before using the Wrap, I was still dealing with stiffness and a very limited range of motion. After examining me, the therapist said I didn't have rotator cuff issues just muscle issues, a thing called "frozen shoulder". For seven weeks now I have received help from a massage therapist and am slowly improving the range of motion. I chose to work with her because her sessions include massage and stretching. A session leaves my shoulder feeling slightly sore. I use the Inferno Wrap afterwards and the heat I feel as it works relieves the soreness. I am sure using the Wrap also helps the muscles "remember" longer the right way they are supposed to feel and function. Combining the Wrap with massage therapy has been a winning combo for me! Do I dare confess...I love the Wrap so much that I will definitely buy another one. The Back Wrap will be my next purchase from you. I mean this whole-heartedly - thank you for the Wrap! I am also pleased with your customer service. Dealing with you was a pleasure. You really do care about your customers! I am delighted and impressed with your product and your people. __________________

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Deborah Barnsdale


Headache Pain Header Image
...sensitive trigger points in the trapezius muscle are the most overlooked source of tension headache pain...

Mapping of Trigger Points

trapezius muscle spine view
Trapezius Muscle (back view)

Severe headaches should be considered very seriously, and could be a symptom of a life threatening medical problem such as an aneurysm or tumor. For these reasons, you should always speak to a physician when suffering from a severe headache, especially if they are occurring frequently.

Identification of pain causing trigger points is best understood by viewing the images below. The locations of primary pain are represented by a solid red color, whereas secondary pain (pain can progress to these areas from the primary pain source) is dotted red in colour. For each image shown below, one or more locations marked with an "X" pinpoints the Central Trigger Point responsible for this pain.

trapezius muscle side view
Trapezius Muscle (side view)

Trigger Points in the Trapezius Muscle

The trapezius muscle is probably the muscle most often beset by myofascial (head, face area) trigger points, and is a frequently overlooked source of temporal (temple) and cervicogenic (spine based) headache. Trigger points in the upper trapezius muscle characteristically refer pain and tenderness along the upper back of the neck, behind the ear and to the temple. The best part about these trigger points is that they are easily and effectively treated with Ultrasound Therapy.

Upper Trapezius Trigger Point
Upper Trapezius Trigger Point (TP1)
Upper Trapezius Trigger Point
Upper Trapezius Trigger Point (TP2),
Mid Trapezius Trigger Point (TP3)

Trigger Point TP1 located in the upper trapezius muscle (see above left image) will consistently refer pain above the trigger point into the neck - this is a major source of "tension neckache". As the pain intensifies, it will extend to the side of head, centering around the temple and behind the eye. On occasion, pain will also flare up in the angle of the jaw. When referred pain from this trigger point is combined with other myofascial trigger points, this almost always results in extreme tension headaches. Trigger Point TP2 located in the upper trapezius muscle between neck and shoulder (see above left image) will refer pain into the upper back of the neck at the base of the skull.

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MendMeShop Ultrasound is a fantastic method for trigger point release in both of these problem areas, effectively elminating headache pain caused by these problem points. When our therapeutic ultrasound device is applied over these trigger points, the ultrasonic vibration gently massages the area, bringing in blood flow (flushing lactic acid and toxins) and gently massaging the tensed muscle tissue, creating a term known by doctors as "trigger point release". Once a sensitive trigger point is released, the referred pain quickly subsides and once all sensitive trigger points are released, your headache / neckache / back pain is gone!

Sternal and Clavicular Trigger Point Chart

Trigger Points in the Sternal & Clavicular Parts of the Sternocleidomastoid Muscle

Ok, you don't have to pronounce this muscle name - the important part is to know that two main parts of this muscle create a lot of headaches for a huge number of people! If your headache pain is located around the outlined areas in red on the diagrams below, you need to treat these trigger points (X marks the spot!) with our ultrasound device. After a couple treatments, your headaches will fade. Once these trigger points are released, just treat them occasionally to reduce the recurrence of chronic headache pain.

Stiff Neck Syndromes

Sternal and Clavicular Divisions of the Sternocleidomastoid Muscle
Sternal (left) and Clavicular (right) Divisons of the Sternocleidomastoid Muscle

Millions of people are using therapeutic ultrasound today, spanning from arthritic sufferers to athletes with a pulled hamstring. The reality is that our ultrasound system treats many problems relating to atrophied muscles and tendons, even frozen joints (common in arthritis sufferers due to lack of use).

A stiff neck is a common problem, caused by any number of factors such as whiplash, poor sleeping posture, improper load carrying (ie. purse), cradling a phone between shoulder and neck or even due to repetitive motion activities. Treat the muscles on the back of your neck with ultrasound and feel the difference! Ultrasound increases flexibility in muscles through massage, bloodflow stimulation, heat and phonophoresis - the absorption of medical compounds deep into the skin through ultrasound waves. Our thousands of happy customers are NOT wrong - our therapeutic ultrasound device will work for you or your money back no questions asked! We guarantee it!

45 Day No Hassle Guarantee

If you have headache pain in the outlined areas shown in any of the above images, there is a high probablility that trigger point release treatment will be very helpful for you.

...once your sensitive trigger points are released, just treat them occasionally to reduce the recurrence of headache pain...
BFST™ - Using Your Body's Natural Healing System

Inferno Wrap providing superior blood flow stimulation.

Your body can heal itself! In fact, your body starts healing itself the moment you are injured and it's the blood in your body that makes it all happen. Your blood is the transport mechanism for everything that is good inside you. It carries oxygen, nutrients, water and antibodies. Proper blood flow is essential to healing. Unfortunately, when you injure your body you stop moving and the swelling sets in. That means your vital blood flow can be reduced to a trickle! If you want to heal quickly, you need to keep your blood moving and that's where Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy™, or BFST™, comes in.

Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy™ promotes the flow of blood through the injured area without the need to exercise your already damaged tissue. You can really feel it work. Within moments of applying an Inferno Wrap™ you can feel the healing sensation and the increase in blood flow. During a treatment, and for quite some time after you finish, your injured area will experience increased blood flow even though your body is at rest. It's a soothing sensation and extremely effective. With BFST™ your injury is constantly being fed with healing, nutritious, oxygen and energy filled blood. This is exactly what your body needs to heal.

How An Inferno Wrap™ Works

Inferno Wrap and how it works.

Inferno Wraps™ have been specifically designed for the treatment of deep, soft tissue injury. Inferno Wraps contain a patented Energy Web™ which is flexible and shaped to conform to your body. This Energy Web™ emits a uniform wave of perfectly safe electro-magnetic energy over its entire surface. This energy travels deep inside your body and stimulates the blood flow needed to heal your injury.

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Our Cold Compression Wraps are recommended by countless medical professionals. That's why we sell them, because they are the best. We have noticed over time that our customers are so fond of our cold wraps that they are frequently coming back and ordering a second one. The wraps are becoming very popular with baseball and soccer trainers, and the wraps can be conveniently stored in a cooler for quick application on the field when needed.

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Dear MendMeShop,

I've used both the Knee Inferno Wrap and the Freezie Wrap. The Freezee wrap has been of most help in reducing inflammation and pain. The doctor discovered a torn meniscus via MRI, and subsequent x-rays show significant arthritis, so it's going to be a total knee replacement situation. I anticipate using your products during recovery after surgery. Thanks very much.

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K. Puckett


pain relief and injury treatment with ultrasound therapy

Inferno Wrap Shoulder - an advanced treatment for shoulder injury and rotator cuff injury

Freezie Wrap Shoulder - efficient relief of swelling and pain from an active sprain, shoulder strain, whiplash, or tight upper back muscles

Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy with an Inferno Back wrap for the ultimate in sore back healing

Freeze Wrap Back - reduce back pain and swelling in sore, strained or overused muscles, especially in the lower back and trapezius muscles

Contact one of our Mendmeshop Customer Service Advisors for any questions help with ordering and recommended treatment directions