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Have been using the knee wrap for about 5 days & it has actually already made a difference. First, there is a lot less pain when walking and secondly the external knee temperature (feeling by hand- not very scientific) is now almost the same for both knees. When I started with the wrap the right knee was obviously the hotter knee indicating inflammation, I guess. I have been using the wrap three times a day for 20 minutes on and at least two hours off with at least 15 minutes each day on the stationary bike. I'm retired & have the time. The wrap seems really well made which it should considering the price and it is large enough to fit the largest knee. I also like the three temperature levels and certainly the built in 20 minute shut off.

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Karl Nordberg



Below are listed some less common classifications of the migraine headache.

Migraine with Aura

Other terms for migraine with aura: classic migraine, classical migraine, aphasic migraine, hemiparaesthetic migraine, ophthalmic migraine or complicated migraine.

Migraine relief natural with MendMeShop Ultrasonic.

The migraine with aura headache is a recurring disorder in which a migraine headache is preceded by a set of neurological symptoms just before the onset of the migraine. This set of symptoms is termed aura. If you are experiencing auras with or without the follow up headache, please seek medical help immediately! An aura is not uncommon among migraine sufferers, but it can also be a symptom of a much more serious problem and should be taken seriously until your doctor says otherwise. The aura will occur from an hour up to a day or two before the migraine attack, and can include many symptoms or combinations of symptoms such as neck stiffness, blurred vision, sensitivity to light, sensitivity to sound, fatigue, lack of concentration or yawning. In some cases, the aura is standalone and is not followed by a migraine; in other cases the migraine characteristics of the headache may disappear with age though the auras continue.

Familial Hemiplegic Migraine

This uncommon type of migraine is genetically based, showing symptoms of a migraine with aura including motor weakness and at least one first or second degree relative has migraine aura including motor weakness. Doctors use visual symptoms (flickering lights, loss of vision), sensory symptoms (pins and needles, numbness), speech disturbance, time length of aura and headache frequency to diagnose this condition. This can be confirmed by Genetic data, as there are specific mutations in certain genes to accurately identify this. The auras for this condition develop gradually and/or a migraine begins during the aura or within an hour of the aura's completion. During an attack, it is not uncommon for a disturbance in conciousness, confusion or fever to occur; and an attack can be triggered by mild head trauma. Unfortunately, FHM can be mistaken for epilepsy and if so, will be unsuccessfully treated.

Sporadic Hemiplegic Migraine

This is essentially the same type of headache as the Familial Hemiplegic Migraine without a family history. All characteristics are the same, and sporadic cases are about as common as familial cases. This condition is more common in males and is sometimes associated with aphasia (a language disorder).

Basilar Migraine

This is a migraine headache with aura symptoms that originate from the brainstem area. Auras may include but are not limited to: vertigo, incoordination and unsteadiness, decreased level of consciousness, double vision, tinnitus, dysarthria or a tingling, burning or itching of the skin. All auras last between five minutes and an hour, and the migraine begins during the aura or within 1 hour after the auras have disappeared. These type of attacks are most common in young adults.

Retinal Migraine

In a retinal migraine attack, visual disturbance will occur and can include light flashes, diminished vision or even temporary blindness. These symptoms are commonly cues of a different disorder, and it is important that any other potential causes of the visual disturbances be analyzed by a physician.

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I was in the middle of my training for my first Ironman triathlon in Florida, when my running had to come to a complete stop because of tendonitis in my right knee. After a month off and using the Inferno Knee Wrap for one week was able to start back where I left off in my run training and as of November 6th 2010 my Ironman dream is now a reality, finishing my training and the race in Panama City injury free. Thank you Mend Me Shop and the Inferno Knee Wrap for helping me achieve my dream.

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Jeffrey Lange


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