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All about Migraine Headaches

...the migraine headache is.. number 19 of all diseases worldwide causing disability...

Migraine headaches are a common primary type of headache disorder; it is almost certain that this condition has a genetic basis. At present, the migraine headache is ranked by the World Health Organization as number 19 of all diseases worldwide causing disability. Activation of a mechanism deep in the brain causes release of pain-producing inflammatory substances around the nerves and blood vessels of the head. Why this happens, and what brings the process to an end are to a large extent uncertain. Adults with migraine describe episodic attacks with specific features, of which nausea is the most commonplace. Attack frequency is anywhere between once a year and once a week (most commonly once a month). In children, attacks tend to be of shorter duration and abdominal symptoms more prominent.

The pain location for a Migraine Headache is typically a severe, one-sided pulsating pain that will last from 4 to 72 hours. This headache is often accompanied by nausea, vomiting, cold hands and sensitivity to sound and sensitivity to light. It should also be noted that the Menstrual headache can also cause pain that is much like that of a Migraine headache, though this will only occur shortly before, during or immediately after menstruation or at mid-cycle (at time of ovulation). The prevalent cause of the menstrual headache is attributed to changes in estrogen levels, though headache treatment is the same as for a migraine. Physicians commonly try to prevent the menstrual headache by small doses of anti-inflammatory drugs before and during the menstrual period. A hysterectomy does not cure menstrual headaches.

A migraine can occur with or without an aura; in fact an aura can happen with or without a following migraine. To read more about auras or other variations of the migraine headache, click here.

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Migraines and Trigger Points

The migraine headache is not successfully treated by trigger point therapy, as the primary cause of the migraine headache is an unknown mechanism deep in the brain. However, there may be cases where a migraine headache is partly induced or further intensified by sensitive trigger points, and in such cases, trigger point treatmeant with ultrasound will partly alleviate and possibly reduce frequency of occurrence.

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