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I ordered an Achilles/Ankle “Inferno Wrap” and a Back/Hip “Inferno Wrap” which arrived within 48 HOURS. These wonderful products produced remarkable results from their very first application! Day One: Initial Treatment @ 9:00 AM on the Low Setting for 20 minutes Second Treatment (same day) @ 12:00 NOON for 20 minutes Third Treatment (same day) @ 3:00 PM for 20 minutes Fourth Treatment (same day) @ BEDTIME for 20 minutes “Rinse & Repeat” every day now… My range of movement and the reduction of discomfort in my Achilles Tendons improved by at least 90% IMMEDIATELY. As for my chronic lower-back trouble that is the long-term result of a “minor exercising mishap” 45 years ago, which randomly flares up on a regular basis.. I am now enjoying Instant Relief thanks to the application of my Back Inferno Wrap whenever I experience any episode of neuro-muscular discomfort !!! I’ll keep you posted as time goes by, but I wanted to say right away, “THANK YOU so much for everything”!

Rating: Five Star Rating

Candi Campbell


...quiet therapy for disruptive pain!
tension headache trigger point release
Ultrasound Application for Tension Headache
...think of ultrasound treatment as the deepest muscle massage you have ever had but deeper.. and better..
trigger point identification
Feeling out Trigger Points

What Is Ultrasound Therapy?

Introducing the MendMeShop Portable Pain Therapy System - a breakthrough in home pain management and therapeutic treatment utilizing the latest in ultrasonic technology. If you thought you knew everything about Ultrasound, keep reading because we are going to prove you wrong! Just like thousands of others who have recently tried this, you will be absolutely amazed! Not convinced that ultrasound will help you? Find out what has to say about ultrasound therapy right here. This is a professional information website related to diagnosis and treatment of sports injuries. (independent source).

Ultrasound does four things extremely well:

  • Increases blood flow into the treated area (accelerates healing, removes toxins)
  • Produces a pain killing effect, reducing muscle spasm and promote normal function
  • Softens fibrous tissue / scar tissue, increasing flexibility and reducing chance of recurring muscle / tendon pull
  • Gently massages muscle and tendon tissue,increasing range of motion and lenthening atrophied muscle

What Happens When you Treat a Trigger Point with Ultrasound?

Muscles and tendons in the immediate area vibrate. They vibrate so quick you can barely feel anything, although you will know its working because the vibration will soon cause the tissue to gently warm. Think of ultrasound treatment as the deepest muscle massage you have ever had, and think deeper... and better. Now, you're getting it! Ultrasound provides enhanced supersonic vibration, right at the point you need it. This quickly gets much more blood flowing in the area, which clears out lactic acid and toxins that have resided there and have over time created your recurring headaches!

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Dear MendMeShop,

This (Back/Hip Inferno) wrap is amazing! I am already feeling the difference of pain level in my hip thank you.

Rating: Five Star Rating

J Huling


pain relief and injury treatment with ultrasound therapy

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Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy with an Inferno Back wrap for the ultimate in sore back healing

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