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Dear Paul, Thank you so much for your Courtesy email. I have used the wraps, alternating the treatments as your information advised. I am absolutely thrilled with the results. For over a month, I could not get up out of my chair without assistance and I thought my knee was never going to heal. I have used them for 9 full days and I am able to get up by myself. I have never had any problem like this before and I have a new appreciation for the disabled. This treatment has been unbelievably successful for me and I have told everyone I know about this product. It has been like going from night to day....I am at least 85% better. Thank you again for these most wonderful products. I having been thanking my wonderful God and Savior of this universe for you people. I hope you have a wonderful day and may God bless you personally and prosper your company abundantly!! Rebecca

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Rebecca Geoffrion


Achieve 100% Rehabilitation! Combine Cold Compression, Ultrasound, and Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy

We've all experienced it - whether you were running, jumping, or just walking - the agony of a twisted ankle. Rolling your ankle over is not only painful, it can linger, leaving your ankle weak and more susceptible to re-injury. The most common ankle sprain, the inversion sprain, occurs when you roll your ankle inwards, putting immense pressure on the tight fibrous ligaments that connect the bone tissues in your ankle and feet. It is likely that you have only stretched the ligaments. While this can be excrutiating, it is important to keep in mind that with proper treatment, you can recover fully and get back to your active lifestyle!

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Upon spraining your ankle, you will experience sharp, localized pain that may persist for a few days, but should gradually subside and become more bearable. In these initial stages, it is important to reduce the swelling and control the pain as much as possible. The RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) method is a tried and true treatment for sprains. The best way to heal is to reduce swelling and rest, the RICE method does exactly that and speeds healing time. Our Freezie Wraps allow you to actively treat yourself using the RICE method. They work because they interrupt and slow nerve and cell function in the damaged area. Once blood vessels are damaged they can no longer carry oxygenated blood to the damaged tissue. This causes cells to break down. The deep cold provided by Freezie Wrap Cold Compression Therapy slow cell function thereby reducing cellular break-down. Furthermore, because cold compression numbs the nerves, our Freezie Wraps also reduce pain!

Only Ultrasound and the Inferno Worked For My Sprained Ankle

I'm treating a recent ankle sprain that occurred while playing volleyball. I've tried herbal remedies that didn't appear to help or still took a long time to recover. I did an internet search for a quicker recovery process.

Using Ultrasound as a means of therapy was a totally new concept to me. And I always felt heat therapy worked better for me. Now I know why, because it promotes circulation and healing.

That's why I also purchased the Inferno Ankle Wrap. With other solutions the temperature was never constant and sometimes I would burn my foot. I knew from my past ankle sprain on my other leg that it took forever to heal. Even 2 years later, I still felt it move. This time I wanted to make sure it did not happen again.

I'm doing surprisingly well with my ankle so far. I played volleyball the following week and back to usual routine the week after, snowboarding one day and volleyball the next. Even though I'm not 100% yet after 3 weeks, I feel the Ultrasound plus Inferno Ankle Wrap combination has greatly attributed to my quick recovery! I would definitely recommend both items and the customer service has been truly exceptional! Thank you!

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Ching Vue

When treating an ankle sprain, it is important for the injured ligaments to fully heal. Repeated mild sprains lead to thickening of the ligaments and irritation of the ankle joint. Recurring ankle sprains, caused by a progressive weakening of the ligaments, can lead to a chronic condition called 'ankle instability'. Furthermore, constant re-injury means longer healing time and increased scar tissue build-up in your ankle. Scar tissue is hard, inflexible, and tough to get rid of. The more scar tissue that develops, the more you lose the range of motion for that ankle. As scar tissue develops, it's likely you will experience chronic pain or arthritis. Scar tissue means that your ankle doesn't perform as well as it once did and it makes it prone to injury again and again.

Cold compression ankle wrap.

Our Freezie Wraps are state of the art! The high quality plush neoprene design provides a snug, more comfortable fit for Advanced Cold Compression Therapy. It is designed specifically to mold to the unique curves of the ankle, delivering targeted relief and maintaining even cold.

Unlike other wraps on the market, the stay-soft gel conforms to your ankle. When pressure is applied, this specifically formulated, non-toxic gel will not migrate away from the injured site, which is a common issue with gel packs. Put simply, when you apply the wrap to your ankle, the gel is forced to stay in place. There is nothing else available like it!


Thank you for your great customer service.

Your product is excellent and your quick response to my requests is outstanding. I hope other people take advantage of your ultrasound since it compliments physical therapy and gives quicker results.

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Kathryn Hallock, OH

To heal quickly, and completely, after the initial stages of swelling have been controlled, it is beneficial to apply Blood Flow Stimulation Therapies to the area. Increased blood flow flushes the injured tissues of cellular waste, while providing nutrients to the torn tissues. Furthermore, Blood Flow Stimulation Therapies enable the muscles, tendons, and ligaments to move more freely. When it's time for more aggressive rehabilitation (stretching and activity), Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy warms the muscles in the injured area to increase the range of motion and allow for a safer, more thorough stretch.

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When Ultrasound Therapy is added to your treatments you can minimize pain, reduce swelling, limit scar tissue, and increase range of motion! For complete rehabilitation, ultrasound provides deep penetrating heat, up to 3 inches deep, to the injured tissues. Adding ultrasound to the proven success of the RICE method means you are getting the best possible therapeutic healing treatment available! When weighing the risk and cost of alternate treatments there is simply no substitute for the URICE method. Therapeutic combos from MendMeShop empower you with the healing tools necessary to relieve the pain of tendon, ligament, and muscle inflammation and dramatically speed healing.

BFST™ - Using Your Body's Natural Healing System

Inferno Wrap providing superior blood flow stimulation.

Your body can heal itself! In fact, your body starts healing itself the moment you are injured and it's the blood in your body that makes it all happen. Your blood is the transport mechanism for everything that is good inside you. It carries oxygen, nutrients, water and antibodies. Proper blood flow is essential to healing. Unfortunately, when you injure your body you stop moving and the swelling sets in. That means your vital blood flow can be reduced to a trickle! If you want to heal quickly, you need to keep your blood moving and that's where Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy™, or BFST™, comes in.

Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy™ promotes the flow of blood through the injured area without the need to exercise your already damaged tissue. You can really feel it work. Within moments of applying an Inferno Wrap™ you can feel the healing sensation and the increase in blood flow. During a treatment, and for quite some time after you finish, your injured area will experience increased blood flow even though your body is at rest. It's a soothing sensation and extremely effective. With BFST™ your injury is constantly being fed with healing, nutritious, oxygen and energy filled blood. This is exactly what your body needs to heal.

How An Inferno Wrap™ Works

Inferno Wrap and how it works.

Inferno Wraps™ have been specifically designed for the treatment of deep, soft tissue injury. Inferno Wraps contain a patented Energy Web™ which is flexible and shaped to conform to your body. This Energy Web™ emits a uniform wave of perfectly safe electro-magnetic energy over its entire surface. This energy travels deep inside your body and stimulates the blood flow needed to heal your injury.

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If you suffer from mild inflammation or pain after certain activities or movements use ultrasound therapy when you complete the activity and then rest and elevate your area of injury. Limit the application of ultrasound to a couple of treatments per day (the manual will recommend treatment frequency depending upon the injury). In between ultrasound treatments, maximize your pain relief and injury recovery by using an Inferno™ Personal Therapy System. Proven Performance, Proven Relief - only found at If you have been given a treatment plan by your health professional, make sure you adhere to it to ensure pain free living. In general, people who are committed to their therapies and exercises will have the best medical outcomes.

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I would like you to know that after landing on my left knee sharply enough to merit two weeks on crutches 12 weeks ago, I am now 95% better. The knee isn't fully recovered in strength, but it is pain free and able to go up and down stairs normally now and in general work as it should. Deep knee bends aren't a recommended activity just yet, though it is comfortable to do that motion at some times but not at others. In any event, your inferno wrap was part of my recovery process, and I feel a very important one! Between the information on your website and the wrap – and the RICE! - I seem to have healed far better than I originally expected, though it has taken time and patience, and I was cautious so as not to re-injure it! Thank you. Just wanted you to know!

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Carolyn Seward


pain relief and injury treatment with ultrasound therapy

Advanced Therapy for torn achilles, ruptured achilles, sprained ankle or other ankle injury

Ankle sprain treatment and pulled achilles treatment without surgery

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Relieve the pain of plantar fasciitis with a cold compress

This universal leg wrap can increase healing rate of a shin, calf, groin, thigh, or hamstring

Freezie Leg wrap for cold compression of the shin, calf, groin, thigh, or hamstring

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